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Essentials, priorities and lifestyle choices: How to set up a quick budget

Date April 1, 2014

LearnVest offers a simple budgeting rule to apply instantly to your household. Your take-home pay is allocated among three categories: essentials [50%], priorities [20%], and lifestyle choices [30%].
Laura Shin writes (excerpt):
The 50/20/30 Rule can be easy because instead of telling you how to break down your budget across 20 or more different categories (who [...]

Graceful disagreement: Guidelines for giving and taking honest feedback

Date March 30, 2014

On Being highlights the work of Brené Brown and offers us guidance on compassionate criticism.
Mariah Helgeson writes (excerpt):
I’m ready to sit next to you rather than across from you.
I’m willing to put the problem in front of us rather than between us (or sliding it toward you).

What would you do with a $20 bill?

Date March 8, 2014

CBS highlights superhero Myles Eckert, age 8.

Secrets to finding happiness in your life and relationships

Date February 18, 2014

The TED Radio Hour features insights into happiness research and simpler ways of life. The “Simply Happy” episode includes:
Pharrell and his “Happy” song.
Matt Killingsworth on staying in the moment.
Carl Honoré on slowing down to enjoy life.
Graham Hill on decluttering our lives.
Psychologist Dan Gilbert on feeling happy when things don’t go as planned.
Brother David Steindl-Rast [...]

Valentine’s and Violence

Date February 13, 2014

Jim Wallis poses some interesting thoughts about celebrating February 14th. He writes (excerpt):
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, our annual reminder to celebrate the love we share in our lives. While many may be struggling through aisles of candy hearts and bunches of roses, I invite you to flip this day of mandatory public expressions of [...]

Why am I not happy? Or am happy? Or not sure? Graphic research findings

Date February 9, 2014

Trent Gilliss at On Being shares a Webpage FX infographic on “The Science of Happiness.”
Gilliss writes (excerpt):
The infographic above may not capture the details of the science, but it jogs a host of questions and insights. A few thoughts to chew on:
Married people are 10% happier than unmarried people, but having a child reduces happiness [...]

Considering Cosby: comedy with commentary

Date February 2, 2014

CNN-HLNtv offers us a take on Bill Cosby’s “10 greatest lessons.”
Colette Bennett’s slideshow commentary includes these life lessons (excerpt):
1. Age is in your mind: “Old is always 15 years from now.”
2. Fear is all that’s stopping you: “Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.”
6. How to maintain your integrity: “If [...]

Sincerity and follow-through: How to apologize

Date January 26, 2014

Steven Stosny, Ph.D. helps us understand how to “[master] the art and science of apology” and shows the wonders of reconciliation–for your relationship, your core self, and your overall well-being.
Steven Stosny writes (excerpt):
Apology must:
1. Come from your heart and sympathize with the effect of your behavior on your loved one. (Focus on what it meant [...]

A passion for social justice: Michael Chielens, rest in peace

Date November 7, 2013

MLive notes the passing of “one of those great people,” Michael Chielens, Executive Director of Legal Aid of Western Michigan, who died of cancer this past weekend.
Sue Thoms writes (excerpt):
“He just had a heart for the underdog and wanted to push back against systems that are just closed doors to people,” said Leslie Curry, the [...]

How long does it take to process my emotional divorce?

Date October 12, 2013

Psychology Today reminds us that divorce recovery is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s a process that you journey through. And you come out on the other side when you do. The time it takes depends on a number of factors.
Susan Pease Gadoua, L.C.S.W., offers this Top Ten Do’s for Divorce Recovery list (excerpt):
1. [...]

What happens when you put down your phone?

Date September 1, 2013

charstarleneTV reminds us that life happens when you put down your phone.

Best Divorce and Family Law Lawyers in Grand Rapids

Date August 15, 2013

The Best Lawyers in America completed their most recent peer-review selection process, their 20th edition. The confidential survey of Michigan attorneys and judges resulted in the designation of Grand Rapids divorce attorney David C. Sarnacki as one of The Best Lawyers in America. Mr. Sarnacki was selected as one of the Best Lawyers [...]

Overwhelming mistakes: how to deal with common problems in facing divorce

Date August 1, 2013

The Huffington Post includes “The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce.” Contributor Michelle Rozen also posts her tips for making it through your divorce.
Michelle Rozen discusses her top 5 (excerpt):
Making Decisions Without Fully Understanding the Implications
Losing Control of Your Divorce
Acting Out of Anger
Settling for Less Than You Need or Deserve
And last but not [...]

The story behind the facts: How to get someone to talk

Date July 2, 2013

The New York Times Opinionator reminds us that what’s good for writers is good for us all. When you are “seeking the unknown — the story behind the facts,” the secret is is simple.
Lee Gutkind writes (excerpt):
This is the first lesson for writers — or anyone — who conducts interviews: If you want someone [...]

Kaganizing erudition: Writing the readable Supreme Court opinion

Date July 1, 2013

The New York Times recognizes Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan and her writing style. The editorial notes her goal of writing so that non-lawyers can understand and her usage of techniques to enhance understanding.
Lincoln Kaplan writes (excerpt):
She is a master of the topic sentence (“A trip back in time begins to show why”) and [...]

Your baby or your phone: Who most deserves your attention?

Date June 24, 2013

The State Bar of Michigan’s Blog highlighted The Atlantic WordPlay post “Papa Don’t Text: The Perils of Distracted Parenting.” The author discovered parents pushing strollers and interacting with their phones instead of their children.
Deborah Fallows writes (excerpt):
These studies suggest that social interaction is important to early language learning. Of course, everyone learns to talk. [...]

Grand Rapids divorce attorney named Leading Lawyer in Michigan Family Law

Date May 13, 2013

David C. Sarnacki recently was named a “Leading Lawyer” in Michigan Family Law. His past designations include selection as one of “The Best Lawyers in America,” designation as a “Michigan Super Lawyer,” and acceptance as a fellow in the Michigan State Bar Foundation. Mr. Sarnacki concentrates his practice in the areas of family [...]

Teaching children the value of doing something

Date March 25, 2013

CNN Opinion reveals Mick Jagger’s parenting philosophy on not spoiling your children.
Ruben Navarrette Jr. writes (excerpt):
But those are the wrong questions. We need ask ourselves only one question: Will buying my child this item teach him positive values or negative ones?
Like the saying goes, you want to leave your kids enough money so they can [...]

Anyone Youer than You?

Date March 2, 2013

Today, Theodor Geisel’s birthday, is a good day to grab a Dr. Seuss book and read it with someone you love. It was Dr. Seuss who said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Will you represent me . . . in my divorce . . . against your mother?

Date February 4, 2013

The Las Vegas Review-Journal spotlighted the Nevada Supreme Court’s ruling allowing a son–an attorney–to represent his father in a divorce action against his mother.
Ed Vogel writes (excerpt):
In the decision written by Justice James Hardesty, the court said that several Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct allow a lawyer to represent a family member and that “no [...]