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Change ourselves, and our world changes: Curiosity, Adaptability and Resilience

CNN features help for understanding–and thriving in–uncertainty. The author of “Uncertain: The Wisdom and Wonder of Being Unsure” shows how leaning into uncertainty actually helps us cope with change.

Maggie Jackson writes (excerpt):
Today, sure-fire answers are what we usually seek.
Yet now is the time when we can least afford to retreat into fortress certainty and miss out on the unsung opportunities for growth and wisdom offered by being unsure. My daily doses of not-knowing hint at what a new science of uncertainty is uncovering: This mindset is a path to curiosity, adaptability and resilience, the very cognitive skills needed in times of change.
. . . It is time to stop running from a mindset that is key to human flourishing. Uncertainty is not the problem that we take it to be, but rather a font of opportunity.

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