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Grand Rapids divorce attorney named Leading Lawyer in Michigan Family Law

Date May 13, 2013

David C. Sarnacki recently was named a “Leading Lawyer” in Michigan Family Law. His past designations include selection as one of “The Best Lawyers in America,” designation as a “Michigan Super Lawyer,” and acceptance as a fellow in the Michigan State Bar Foundation. Mr. Sarnacki concentrates his practice in the areas of family [...]

Andrea Prince Karsten

Date October 20, 2003

Andrea Prince Karsten – Domestic Diversions contributor

James P. Ryan

Date October 16, 2003

James P. Ryan – Domestic Diversions Contributor

Karl P. Numinen

Date October 10, 2003

Karl P. Numinen: Domestic Diversions Contributor

Randy Flood, M.A.,L.L.P.

Date October 5, 2003

Randy Flood, M.A.,L.L.P., DD Contributor

Neil Colman

Date October 5, 2003

Neil Colman – Domestic Diversions contributor

Julie Haveman

Date October 5, 2003

Julie Haveman – Domestic Diversions Contributor

Joseph W. Cunningham

Date October 5, 2003

Joseph W. Cunningham – contributor to Domestic Diversions

Meri Anne Stowe

Date October 5, 2003

Meri Anne Stowe – Contributor to Domestic Diversions

David C. Sarnacki

Date October 5, 2003

David C. Sarnacki – Host of Domestic Diversions

Blaine B. Johnson Jr.

Date October 5, 2003

Blaine B. Johnson Jr. – contributor to Domestic Diversions

Scott Bassett

Date October 5, 2003

Scott Bassett – contributor to Domestic Diversions