Domestic Diversions

Randy Flood, M.A.,L.L.P.

Randy Flood, M.A.,L.L.P.: Director and Therapist, Men´s Resource Center at Fountain Hill
Evaluator and Therapist, Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation

I´d like to introduce myself to you. I currently practice at the Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation, a group practice in Heritage Hill in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I provide clinical services to families and individuals in two separate specialty areas that are complimentary. One area is families in conflict such as in divorce. I provide clinical services such as custody and parenting time evaluations, parenting fitness evaluations, and parent coordination counseling for families experiencing divorce and custody/parenting time problems.

My other specialty area is working with men on issues such as domestic abuse, anger management, sexual acting out, fathering, addictions, and general emotional development. I founded the Men´s Resource Center at Fountain Hill in 2000 a center specializing in clinical services for men. I am also the co-director and co-founder of the Men´s Resource Center of Western Michigan, a center that offers education, retreats, professional workshops, consultation, and community forums on men´s issues. We work to help men redefine and revision their masculinity, to experience their full humanity, and to establish respectful lives. We invite the support of women and avoid any principle or activity that undermines them. Our vision is men growing in mind and spirit and joining to create a caring, strong and safe community.

When providing clinical services to families in conflict or crisis, I have found it helpful to have expertise also in domestic abuse, sexual abuse, parenting and child discipline, and addictions. One or more of these issues are invariably present with families in conflict, crisis or transition. My work at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services provided me necessary experience first as a mental health worker in the hospital with children and adolescents from 1987-1990 and second as a limited licensed psychologist from 1994-2000 at the Pine Rest Psychological Consultation Center. I evaluated and treated children inpatient and outpatient while providing court-related evaluations and counseling for adults and families. At Pine Rest, I founded and coordinated the Men´s Program as well as developing and chairing the Court Related Clinical Services Team. Prior to my time at Pine Rest, I worked at the Evaluation and Consultation Center and the Domestic Violence Program for Men in Kalamazoo from 1992 to 1994. This experience gave me the further training with families in conflict and working with men and domestic violence, my first experience being my internship at Kalamazoo Psychology.

I have served in various capacities for boards, councils, and committees. I am actively involved and past president of Batterer Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan (BISC-MI). I serve on the Kent County Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee, and served on the Custody and Domestic Abuse Task Force. I am a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). Iím a past board member of the Child and Family Resource Council. My aforementioned experience and expertise has created appointments to the Michiganís State Court Administratorís Office Work Group on Training Requirements on Domestic Violence for Mediators. I was also nominated to a Subcommittee of the Governor´s Task Force on Child Welfare and Domestic Violence. I presented to the Lt. Governor´s Task Force on Domestic Violence as an expert on domestic violence. Local and state media has interviewed me. I have presented to various audiences locally, statewide, and nationally on topics related to men, how we raise boys to be men, domestic abuse, sexual addiction, divorce, custody and parenting time, bullying and school violence, and emotional intelligence in children. I live in East Grand Rapids with my wife Stephanie and 2 children Zachary and Anna.