Domestic Diversions

“The kids are the project and their well-being is the goal”: Helping children of divorce

CNN spotlights how to help children adjust to their parents’ divorce without unnecessary anxiety, depression and other emotional distress.

Kelly Wallace writes (excerpt):
“No. 1 would be teamwork, teamwork, teamwork,” said [Dr. Michelle] Rozen, who also works as a parenting coordinator . . . .
A mediator that works outside the court system might be the best way for a divorcing couple to find a way to work together while also keeping the details of their break-up private, said Rozen.
“Even in very high-profile divorces, the content of their mediation is completely confidential. So the best way to protect privacy is to choose mediation, actually. That means that their kids also cannot have access to the records even years from now,” she said.

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