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Control, connection and meaning: 3 steps toward loving your job

CNN has advice for the majority of Americans: fall in love with your job even when you don’t like it. The secret is in reframing to find “control over our lives, positive daily connections, and joy and meaning in how we spend our waking time . . . .”

David G. Allan writes (excerpt):
[Amy] Wrzesniewski and [Jane E.] Dutton’s research focused on three main factors of deeper workplace satisfaction that are within your sphere of influence: 1) Refining your job to add parts you like and remove parts you don’t. 2) Building better relationships with your colleagues. 3) Reframing your job to add meaning and purpose.

One thought on “Control, connection and meaning: 3 steps toward loving your job

  1. Carl J Sarnacki MD

    II love with my job, find my workplace satisfying, but my sphere of influence has diminished. I certainly can refine my job by adding parts I like, but I can’t remove the parts I don’t like. It’s hard to have a better relationship with my colleagues, since at our age they are all dying. My job has meaning and purpose however since I have reframed my job to add “the Almighty”.
    Warmest regards,

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