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Real ladies don’t trash talk: How to make your marriage great

The Washington Times advises wives to stop trash talking their husbands behind their backs, with suggestions from Michele Weiner-Davis.

Julie Baumgardner writes (excerpt):
If you have been talking badly about your husband, Mrs. Weiner-Davis would encourage you to do the following.
• Don’t look at exiting your marriage as the solution to the problem.
• Notice the positive in your relationship and verbalize it to your spouse.
• Talk productively with your husband about your feelings and what you would like to do differently rather than what you are unhappy about.
• Don’t expect your husband to be a mind reader. If you need something done, ask.
• When you go to sleep at night, think about those things for which you can be grateful.
• Acknowledge that sometimes your expectations of your husband are unrealistic.
• Don’t participate in negative conversations.
• Be a positive influence with your girlfriends. Help your friends do all of the above.

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