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How to try a case, presidentially

Date September 17, 2015

CNN looks at the recent Republican primary debate and, in the process, offers several good trial advocacy principles.
Todd Graham, Southern Illinois University’s director of debate, writes (excerpt):
[On the "less is more" technique]
Sometimes, you make your arguments weaker by talking about them until you’ve confused people. When debaters forgot the “less is more” concept, their arguments [...]

To be or not to be: a good legal writer

Date September 1, 2015

Business Insider culls 6 writing tips from Bryan Garner’s interview with Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan.
Jacob Shamsian captures the tips as follows (excerpt):
1. Be a good reader — don’t skim
2. Write so normal people can understand you
3. … But don’t dumb yourself down too much
4. Have fun!
5. Explain your reasoning
6. Get feedback from [...]

Who do professionals recommend as one of the best divorce lawyers and divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids?

Date August 18, 2014

Best Lawyers in America announced that once again, David Sarnacki was selected by judges and lawyers as one of The Best Lawyers in America. He was honored in three practice areas relating to divorce litigation and divorce mediation:
1. Collaborative Law: Family Law.
2. Family Law.
3. Family Law Mediation.

Changing minds: Listen, show you understand the other person’s side, ask to see your side, suggest another outcome

Date August 17, 2014

Real Simple suggests how to go about changing someone’s mind.
Amy Spencer writes (excerpt):
The essential rule when trying to convert someone is: Don’t — at least, not at first. “Just listen,” says Dennis Ross [author of "The Missing Peace"] . . . .
. . . After listening, show that you get it.
Next, nudge the other [...]

Best Lawyers’ Best Law Firms in Grand Rapids

Date November 1, 2013

The Sarnacki Law Firm PLC has been awarded a Tier 1 Ranking in the 2014 Edition of U.S. News – Best Lawyers’ “Best Law Firms.” The firm’s founder, David C. Sarnacki, practices family law, mediation and collaborative divorce in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has been selected as one of the Best Lawyers in [...]

Best Divorce and Family Law Lawyers in Grand Rapids

Date August 15, 2013

The Best Lawyers in America completed their most recent peer-review selection process, their 20th edition. The confidential survey of Michigan attorneys and judges resulted in the designation of Grand Rapids divorce attorney David C. Sarnacki as one of The Best Lawyers in America. Mr. Sarnacki was selected as one of the Best Lawyers [...]

The story behind the facts: How to get someone to talk

Date July 2, 2013

The New York Times Opinionator reminds us that what’s good for writers is good for us all. When you are “seeking the unknown — the story behind the facts,” the secret is is simple.
Lee Gutkind writes (excerpt):
This is the first lesson for writers — or anyone — who conducts interviews: If you want someone [...]

Kaganizing erudition: Writing the readable Supreme Court opinion

Date July 1, 2013

The New York Times recognizes Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan and her writing style. The editorial notes her goal of writing so that non-lawyers can understand and her usage of techniques to enhance understanding.
Lincoln Kaplan writes (excerpt):
She is a master of the topic sentence (“A trip back in time begins to show why”) and [...]

How to tell a story to persuade

Date June 6, 2011

Psychology Today reveals how storytelling helps persuasion.
Peter Guber writes (excerpt):
[T]elling purposeful stories is certainly the most efficient means of persuasion in everyday life, the most effective way of translating ideas into action . . . .
. . . Stories, on the other hand, are state-of-the-heart technology—they connect us to others. They provide emotional transportation, moving [...]

To fault or to no-fault: That is the question

Date May 14, 2011

The New York Times covers the topic of divorce lawyers discovering evidence from social networking sites. Included is a comment about the role of fault in a no-fault divorce.
Nadine Brozan writes (excerpt):
“No-fault does not mean that fault is irrelevant,” said Kenneth P. Altshuler, a lawyer in Portland, Me., and the president-elect of the American [...]

Identifying a need: Persuasion Strategy

Date May 12, 2011

The Financial Post offers four steps to effective persuasion focused on identifying a problem facing the other person that you can help solve.
Sandra Folk writes (excerpt):
Clearly identify your goal. . . .
Determine your approach. [reason, logic, and facts; values and emotions; credible studies or spokespersons]
Be prepared with evidence. . . .
Use compelling language. . . [...]

Tips on how to give a great speech or presentation

Date March 12, 2011

BNET highlights 5 tips for improving public speaking from a Harvard Business Review blog entry by Dan Pallotta (who offers 8 more tips).
Dave Johnson writes (excerpt):
Know the goal of the speech. . . .
. . . Memorize your speech word for word. Because only then can you add emotion and emphasis to it. . . [...]

Maximum impact: How to organize your trial evidence

Date October 9, 2009

The ABA’s McElhaney on Litigation suggests replacing chronology with groups of vivid word pictures.
Jim McElhaney writes (excerpt):
McElhaney on Litigation
“. . . Tell them the story. . . . [P]ut together a series of verbal snapshots that you create out of the evidence. . . .
“Then show them word pictures again in your case-in-chief [...]

Persuading the stubborn: How to get through to someone who won’t listen to you

Date September 24, 2009

PowerHomeBiz.com reveals 5 powerful and persuasive moves for getting through a person’s mental defenses based on the work of Mark Goulston, the author of JUST LISTEN. The 5 tips include:
“Do you really believe that?”
The Power of Hmmm . . .
The Stipulation Game
The Impossible Question. [“What would make it possible?”]
The Power Thank You. [1: a [...]

The first to make the facts come alive: Gaining the advantage in bench trials

Date August 14, 2009

The ABA’s McElhaney on Litigation reminds us of how to persuade a judge.
Jim McElhaney writes (excerpt):
“You are talking directly to a fellow human being about the ‘gut stuff’ of life. What’s right and what’s wrong. Fair and unfair. Just and unjust. This is all about the power of a story to grab the heart of [...]

Persuading without fake sincerity: The truth behind effective public speaking

Date August 8, 2009

Courtroom Performance’s new book, The Lawyer’s Winning Edge: Exceptional Courtroom Performance highlights four aspects of persuasion.
Lisa L. DeCaro and Leonard Matheo write (excerpt):
Remember these four important truths, and filter all advice through them:
1. Every speaker is different. . . . Be honest with yourself, and with your audience, at all times.
2. Never try to “be” [...]

A really good story = persuasive closing argument

Date July 10, 2009

ABA Journal’s McElhaney on Litigationshows how to make your closing argument ring true.
Jim McElhaney writes (excerpt):
Cabbages and Insance Goats
“Thirty years ago, the late Craig Spangenberg of Cleveland said, ‘The greatest weapon in the arsenal of persuasion is the analogy, the story, the apt comparison to something the jurors know from their own experience to [...]

The power of explanation: how to be a great communicator

Date June 25, 2009

Bloomberg shows how persuasion requires explanation and gives 3 tips for becoming a more effective communicator.
John Baldoni writes (excerpt):
Define what it is. The purpose of an explanation is to describe the issue, the initiative, or the problem. . . .
Define what it isn’t. Here is where the leader moves into the “never assume mode.” [...]

Unshakable, not unpleasant: Effective trial advocacy during cross examination

Date April 3, 2009

The ABA Journal’s McElhaney on Litigation features the topic of persuasive cross-examination and the difference between being firm and a jerk.
Jim McElhaney writes (excerpt):
“You can be firm. You can be insistent. You can be tough when it’s called for. But you’ve got to be fair, polite and respectful—throughout the case and especially on cross.”
“Learning how [...]

The art of persuasion: negotiating with patience and endurance

Date March 31, 2009

The Twin City’s Star Tribune shows different ways of persuading people, including 5 negotiation ideas from Benjamin Franklin.
Harvey Mackay writes (excerpt):
•Be clear, in your own mind, exactly what you are seeking.
•Do your homework, so that you’re fully prepared to discuss every aspect and respond to every question and comment.
•Be persistent. Don’t expect to “win” the [...]