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New legal resource: how to write a brief for court

David C. Sarnacki published The Essence of Writing Persuasive Trial Briefs: Big Ideas for Mastering Mediation, Arbitration & Trial Briefs. The short, practical book is available in both ebook and paperback form on Amazon and other retailers.

A wealth of information is shared on several fronts. The book will help you:
1. Learn (a) the first rule of advocacy, (b) proven strategies for messaging, and (c) the building blocks of powerful arguments.
2. Discover new insights into (a) simple structures for organizing your written argument, (b) ten quality standards that reduce obstacles to and promote acceptance of your arguments, and developing different approaches to use with your mediators and with your judges and arbitrators.

In addition to The Essence of Writing Persuasive Trial Briefs, David C. Sarnack is the author of A Visual Refresher Course on Expert Testimony (2020), The Essence of Being in Court (2020), A Visual Refresher Course on Courtroom Persuasion (2021), as well as his collection of poetry, Cry, Smile, Wonder (2018).

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