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Criticizing, blaming and shaming backfire and reinforce beliefs: instead, to promote change, try empathy and curiosity

CNN Opinion reveals one method of persuasion that promotes change: the use of empathy and curiosity. So much more effective than criticizing, blaming and shaming. Those backfire and reinforce the existing beliefs.

Peter Bregman and Howard Jacobson write (excerpt):
In practice, empathy is about validating the other person’s perspective without agreeing or disagreeing with them. It’s making true statements that show the other person that you understand them to their satisfaction. . . .
And then, encourage them to talk. That’s where curiosity comes in. Ask questions, not to trap them in logical inconsistencies, but because you are truly curious about their answers. . . .
From this place, you can begin to explore your differences with curiosity and compassion. . . .

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