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What’s the best age to get married? The perfect 5 year window

TIME offers us research on timing your marriage. A University of Utah study suggests that best time for people to get married is between the ages of 28 and 32. That period was the lowest rate for divorce in the first 5 years, which seems to track an the upside down bell curve (i.e., higher rates before age 28 and after age 32). So of course, you should follow that advice . . . unless you prefer the University of Maryland study. In that case, the perfect age to get married is 45 to 49.

Belinda Luscombe writes (excerpt):
Still, there are a few truisms backed by research: Having money and a college degree reduces your chances of getting divorced, as does getting engaged before moving in together and waiting to have kids until after the nuptials. Those you can pretty much take to the bank.

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