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The joy of marriage: Picking a good mate and getting lucky

Time’s June 13, 2016 edition features the cover story “How to Stay Married (and why).” Factors favoring long-term marriages include: getting married after age 26, having college degrees, not having kids and not being pregnant, being employed and having financial support, and having similar values and backgrounds.

Belinda Luscombe writes (excerpt):
At the same time, new evidence keeps piling up that few things are as good for life, limb and liquidity as staying married. “Couples who have made it all the way later into life have found it to be a peak experience, a sublime experience to be together,” says Karl Pillemer . . . . “Everybody–100%–said at one point that the long marriage was the best thing in their lives.”

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One thought on “The joy of marriage: Picking a good mate and getting lucky

  1. Carl J Sarnacki MD

    As the grandfather of the author of this discussion, I would like to attest to the value of maintaining a marriage. I don’t believe it’s a matter of marrying the right person, but after marriage making one spouse “the right person” – by giving respect, love, and letting them share one’s life’s path. Nothing’s easy, but having someone by your side who is your cheerleader certainly helps you obtain your goals in life. I also feel the peak in marriage is having children who provide you a great reason for your existence and purpose in life. Having children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren has been the greatest experience in our lives. Kudos’ to my son David.

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