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Technique tips for making a speech or presentation

Business Week shows us ways to improve our presentations by following the lead of politicians and successful ad campaigns.

Carmine Gallo writes (excerpt):
[Anaphora.] Repeating a phrase at the beginning or end of successive sentences is a powerful rhetorical technique that business leaders can use to capture the attention of their audiences. It does not have to be reserved for political speeches. . . . [Obama’s “This is the moment.”]
Analogy. Analogies help us understand concepts that might be foreign to us. For example, you might have heard this one: “The computer chip is the brain of your computer.” . . .
Simile. . . . “What happens is the water tunnels to the bottom and makes the ice like Swiss cheese, sort of like termites.”. . .
Metaphors. . . . “You’re playing on the varsity team now.” Metaphors are visual images that help stimulate your listeners’ imaginations, creating that emotional connection required for persuasion. . . .
Triads. People remember three or four items in short-term memory. . . .

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