Domestic Diversions

Strengthen the Relationship with Your Kids

With the fall school year approaching, The Huffington Post and Deborah Moskovitch outline tips for adjusting families to improve parent-child relationships.

1. Re-frame your thinking: Rather than clocking minutes, place emphasis on the quality of time you are spending together.

2. Be creative: Invest in the relationship by doing what is in their best interest.  Get involved with their homework, extracurricular activities, any area in need of help or attention.

3. Let them know you care: Programs, events and school functions are a great way to stay connected. Sometimes all that’s required is a positive message that you’re interested and want to be involved.

4. Get with the program: With the vast array of communication devices today, staying connected on their terms can help maintain a strong relationship. A subtle text may be all you need to keep the lines of communication intact.

5. Be introspective: Ask yourself what you are doing to promote or hinder the relationship. Seek the help you need to get your life in order, and be the parent your child deserves.

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