Domestic Diversions

Staying away from abusers and batterers: tips from the trenches

CNN published tips on domestic violence from a person with experience in 911 emergencies, relationship coaching and her own troubled marriage.

Tamara Neal writes (excerpt):
. . . But take time to get to know a person in every season to get their full measure. Some partners may be very good at hiding their shortcomings for a long time, but not forever. . . .
. . . Be wary if your partner constantly blames you and others for all of his shortcomings, character defects and problems. . . .
. . . Women suffering from low self-esteem will often settle for abusive relationships and consider themselves lucky to have a man at all. . . .
. . . Once you have warned a person several times that the ship is sinking [due to substance abuse, including drinking problems] and they refuse to get off, it’s time for you to do so.
. . . True love should never make you feel frightened, alarmed, disrespected or concerned for your well-being.

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