Domestic Diversions

Play: letting go of everything else

CNN Relationships highlights the value of giving up “egos, worries and agendas” to play with our children, play with adults, just plain play.

Elissa Strauss writes (excerpt):
“Play for adults is absolutely necessary if you are going to have a feeling of optimism for the future and sustain mood elevation for a challenging and demanding life,” Brown said, adding that like sleep deprivation, play deprivation has long-term negative outcomes.
“I’ve studied play in depth for years, and I think it should be understood as a necessary public health mandate for kids and adults,” [psychiatrist Dr. Stuart] Brown said. “It is in our nature, preserved through evolution over time, and has a lot to do with our social survival as a species.” Play helps us feel connected to our communities and learn how to cooperate with one another.”

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