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Persuading without fake sincerity: The truth behind effective public speaking

Courtroom Performance’s new book, The Lawyer’s Winning Edge: Exceptional Courtroom Performance highlights four aspects of persuasion.

Lisa L. DeCaro and Leonard Matheo write (excerpt):
Remember these four important truths, and filter all advice through them:
1. Every speaker is different. . . . Be honest with yourself, and with your audience, at all times.
2. Never try to “be” anything. . . . Instead of trying to “be” something, try to “do” things that
accomplish your goals. If you want to appear confident, do what confident people do: stand up tall, with your feet approximately shoulders’ width apart. Balance your weight. Come out from behind the lectern or table. Make effective eye contact. Allow gestures to convey the meaning of your words. Speak strongly, with enough volume to be heard easily at the back of the room. Pause for emphasis. Smile when appropriate.
3. Your focus should always be on your audience. . . . Become conscious of your audience -their needs, their reactions, their mannerisms, their habits, their values. . . .
4. Your biggest asset is your credibility. Never, under any circumstances, do anything that will diminish your credibility. . . .

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