Domestic Diversions

New Year’s resolutions for better relationships

From three sources, a potpourri of tips for you and your partner on improving your marriage or relationship.

Psychology Today features Jeremy S. Nicholson’s 6 tips, three each for singles and for couples:
Resolutions for Singles
1) Be More Social
2) Be More Attractive
3) Be More Clear About What You Want
Resolutions for Couples
1) Be More Rewarding and Appreciative
2) Be More Passionate
3) Be More Considerate

The Huffington Post features Brittany Wong’s 7 tips for couples:
1. We’ll commit to small, measurable changes in our behavior
2. We’ll break up with our iPhones
3. We’ll commit to becoming better people for each other
4. We’ll treat each other as kindly as we treat our friends–or even our local barista
5. We’ll continue to share stories from our past
6. When we disagree, we’ll take turns talking and actually listening
7. We’ll upgrade date night

Health Magazine features Anthea Levi’s 6 tips:
Ask more questions
Put a hard stop to your workday
Try something new in the bedroom
Fight fair
Get grateful
Schedule extra-special date nights

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