Domestic Diversions

New SSN for new life

The Social Security Administration offers new numbers for victims of domestic violence:
People in all walks of life can be victims of family violence or harassment, abuse or life-endangering situations in their daily lives. If you are a victim of family violence, Social Security may be able to help you.

Public awareness campaigns stress how important it is for victims to develop safety plans that include gathering personal papers and choosing a safe place to go. Sometimes the best way to evade an abuser and reduce the risk of further violence may be to relocate and establish a new identity. Following these changes, it also may be helpful to get a new Social Security number.

Although Social Security does not routinely assign new numbers, we will do so when evidence shows you are being harassed or abused or your life is endangered.

One thought on “New SSN for new life

  1. laura devin

    IMy CPA and huaband ( divorce proceedings ) have filed joint returns (withour my signature ) ammendements to previous years’ returns, changed my filing status, etc.. and the will not let me see everythihg or explain future tax consequences to me.

    My profile with the social security administration has changed and I can’t get information to obtain my own credit report. PLEASE ADVISE ME AS TO WHAT TO DO..

    I want a new SSN .

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