Domestic Diversions

Minding your manners’s Amanda Onion explains that we think we have manners and others are rude. She ends the article with these tips for the holidays:

Manners 101
As the hectic holidays approach, Morisset and Grosso offer some tips for staying civil:
Be Patient: Especially when shopping this time of year, realize that everyone wants attention and there are only so many sales staff.
Always say “please” and “thank you.” It makes a big difference.
At the dinner table, don’t eat anything until the host has begun to eat, no elbows on the table, keep your bites small and dab, don’t wipe your mouth with your napkin.
Keep your alcoholic drinks to two at office parties.
Don’t answer your cell phone at the table or in the theater. If you have to, excuse yourself and take the call outside.
Irritated with friends or family? Focus on the positive and remember the holidays will soon be over.

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