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Michigan’s FAQs about Custody and Parenting Time During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Michigan has issued guidance for parents with custody and parenting time orders. Matters addressed include:
Do I have to follow my parenting time order during the COVID-19 outbreak?What are some parenting time alternatives that can be used?
What if I cannot reach an agreement with the other parent, and decide not to allow parenting time in violation of the court order?
Will there be make-up parenting time later for time missed during the COVID-19 outbreak?
What if the public place for our parenting time exchange is closed?
What if I make a temporary parenting time agreement with the other parent that was followed, and later the other parent complains that I violated the court order?
What if my child is in a high-risk category for COVID-19, and I am concerned about exposure during parenting time?
What if I think the other parent or someone who lives with the other parent might have COVID-19 or be at risk for exposure to COVID-19?
Does parenting time continue if a parent or child tests positive for or has been exposed to COVID-19?
Will I still have supervised parenting time during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Does my child have to go on parenting time over spring break even though school is cancelled?
Do I have to send my child on a plane to parenting time?
If I purchased a plane or other ticket for my child, and the other parent doesn’t send my child, will the other parent have to reimburse me?

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