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List of objections

Here is a list I compiled years ago of common objections, with references to the rules of evidence.

Key word(s): Rules of Evidence:
1. Ambiguous 611(a)
2. Argumentative 611(a)
3. Asked and answered 611(a)
4. Assumes facts not in evidence 602, 611(a), 701, 703
5. Beyond the scope 611(b)
6. Compound questions 611(a)
7. Conclusion 602, 701
8. Confusing 611(a)
9. Cumulative 403, 611(a)
10. Documents speaks for itself 1002
11. Form of the question 611(a)
12. Hearsay 802
13. Hearsay within hearsay 805
14. Improper impeachment 608(b), 609(a), 613
15. Improper rehabilitation 608(a)(2), 608(b), 801(d)(1)(B)
16. Improper compromise evidence 408
17. Improper opinion testimony 602, 701, 702, 704(b)
18. Irrelevant 402
19. Lack of authentication 901
20. Lack of foundation 104
21. Lack of personal knowledge 602
22. Leading 611(c)
23. Mischaracterization 403, 611(a)
24. Narrative 611(a)
25. Not the best evidence 1001-07
26. Privileged 501
27. Repetitive 611(a)
28. Speculative 602, 701
29. Unfairly prejudicial 403
30. Unresponsive 611(a)
31. Vague 611(a)
32. Waste of time 403, 611(a)

3 thoughts on “List of objections

  1. Anonymous

    Ambiguous: When the question asked may be confusing or mean different things
    Asked and Answered: When the question asked is repeated
    Assumes Facts Not in Evidence: When the question asked brings up facts that aren’t proven
    Compound Question: When the question asked includes more than one question. For example, if the witness says, “No,” the court does not know which question he or she answered.
    Hearsay: When the question asked calls for the witness to say what he or she heard.
    Leading: When the question asked “favors” an answer. Example: “You were at John Smith’s house that night, weren’t you?”
    Narrative: When the question asked calls for a story, which might cause the witness to go off topic or leak the wrong evidence.
    Speculative: When the question asked calls for the witness to guess.
    That’s all I know…

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