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Kent County Child Support: Direct Deposit/Debit Cards

Kent County’s Friend of the Court is planning to move to direct deposit/debit card in June 2006. After that date, checks would no longer be issued for Kent County payments.

The Kent County FOC is recommending that clients sign up for direct deposit of the child support payments because of the fees associated with the new US Bank debit card. Fees that payees need to be aware of include standard ATM fees if used to withdraw cash from non-US Bank ATM machines, $5.00 to replace a lost or stolen card, $20.00 over limit fee if the card is overdrawn, $3.00 per call to a US Bank Customer Service Representative (applies after 1 call per month), $15.00 fee to transfer funds from the debit card to a checking or savings account, and a $2.00 monthly fee to maintain an inactive account. A listing of additional standard fees will be provided with the debit card.

For clients with a bank account, the transition to Direct Deposit should be easy. Just complete a direct deposit form and mail it to MiSDU. (Clients without a bank account will need to open one before payments may be received via direct deposit.)

Forms will be available in the FOC lobby to enroll in direct deposit, or online at information/forms. Clients can call the FOC’s main number 632-6888 to speak with a Client Services Representative and have a form sent to them.

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