Domestic Diversions

Is a picture still worth a thousand words?

USAToday looks at counterfeit reality.

Daryl Plummer writes (excerpt):
Are they real? Thanks to cutting-edge technology, that’s increasingly becoming the right question to ask about photographs that make their way on the Internet. Soon, it will be asked about video, too.

“Counterfeit reality” is the dark side of digital-media production. Type in “fake pictures” in any Google search today, and you will find a cottage industry willing to alter any photo.

Detecting counterfeit reality becomes more difficult with each passing day, and the current laws are inadequate to halt abuses.
Laws covering the admissibility of electronic documents in courts need to be revamped to anticipate superior digital forgeries. Document verification, privacy legislation, the management of digital rights and the protection of intellectual property need to be revolutionized. Congress should draft legislation to make digital-counterfeit detection as significant as DNA testing in courtroom proceedings.

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