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From courtroom to the capitol: Fathers rights in custody cases

Date April 16, 2015

The Wall Street Journal covers the push for legislation in about 20 states to give fathers more child custody rights in divorce cases.

Conflicting perceptions and, yet, collaboration

Date June 7, 2011

“Everything you can imagine is real.”–Pablo Picasso
You’ve heard the saying: Perception is reality. So how can we collaborate through divorce negotiations to a fair resolution when you and your spouse start with such vastly different sets of perceptions?
As strange as it seems, the collaborative divorce process actually moves you through perceptions by promoting fairness in [...]

Footnoting button pushing, wedding gifts, infidelity gene, Hell’s Angels, a finger, jackass, emails, “stupid person”

Date February 7, 2011

Ontario Superior Court Justice J.W. Quinn wrote some interesting footnotes to his decision in Bruni v. Bruni, 2010 ONSC 6568 (COURT FILE NO.: 384/07; November 29, 2010):
[2] At one point in the trial, I asked Catherine: “If you could push a [...]

Kent County’s Parenting Pilot Program: “Expedited Process in the Resolution of the Low Conflict Docket of the Family Division”

Date January 31, 2009

Domestic Diversions previously announced our new parenting pilot project. Now,
The Grand Rapids Press covered the new Kent County Parenting Plan, a pilot project approved by the Michigan Supreme Court.
Theresa D. Mcclellan writes (excerpt):
The hope is that by judicially redirecting the focus onto the children in divorce proceedings, parents will remember what’s at stake, which [...]

New Rule 502: Inadvertent disclosure of attorney-client privilege and work product materials

Date January 10, 2009

The Federal Rules of Evidence will see a new rule addressing the disclosure of attorney-client and work-product information. New Rule 502 helps in those case where there are tremendous efforts to review voluminous documents and where inadvertent disclosure often occur. There is no change in the substantive law of privileges.

Kent County’s Pilot Project: Grand Rapids divorce attorneys to use nicer labels, parenting plan proposals, more ADR

Date July 8, 2008

The Michigan Supreme Court has issued Administrative Order No. 2008-1 (Pilot Project No. 1), 17th Judicial Circuit Court, (Expedited Process in the
Resolution of the Low Conflict Docket of the Family Division), for Kent County divorces. “The pilot project will study the effectiveness of the use of pleadings that contain nonadversarial language, and the requirement [...]

Opting in with Direct Deposit

Date June 15, 2006

Though not posted on its website, Kent County Circuit Court adopted an administrative order “opting in” anyone who tries direct pay without “opting out.” The order reads:

Kent County Child Support: Direct Deposit/Debit Cards

Date May 28, 2006

Kent County’s Friend of the Court is planning to move to direct deposit/debit card in June 2006. After that date, checks would no longer be issued for Kent County payments.
The Kent County FOC is recommending that clients sign up for direct deposit of the child support payments because of the fees associated with the [...]

“If I can’t have you . . . “

Date August 12, 2005

Project Peace published the Judicial Checklist prepared by the Judicial Subcommittee of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Domestic Violence, including the following “Red Flags to Judges” (excerpt):
*suicidal and/or homicidal ideation, threats or attempts
*escalation in frequency and severity of violent episodes
*weapons owned by [...]

Giving notice to parties in default

Date October 18, 2004

By ADM File No. 2004-09 the Michigan Supreme Court has amended MRC 2.603 (default and default judgment), effective January 1, 2005. The stated intent was to clarify “some ambiguities created by the former rule’s inconsistent usage of ‘default,’ ‘default judgment,’ and some related terms. See, e.g., ISB Sales v Dave’s Cakes, 258 Mich [...]

Declining modification of prior bad acts rule

Date October 17, 2004

The Justices action on 2001-51 – Proposed Amendment of Rule 404 of the Michigan Rules of Evidence provides an interesting diversity in approaches to the problem of domestic violence prosecutions, including wedges between usual allies.
Kelly: I am unwilling to modify MRE 404 for only one class of crime victims.
Taylor: The rules at issue often are [...]

Child support formula changes

Date September 6, 2004

changes to Michigan Child Support Formula Manual

New SSN for new life

Date August 26, 2004

new numbers for victims of domestic violence

Social Security benefits for divorced spouses

Date August 25, 2004

claiming a divorced spouse’s insurance benefits

Changing your name after divorce

Date August 24, 2004

how to ensure proper SSA credits

Is a picture still worth a thousand words?

Date July 21, 2004

counterfeit reality

Child care expenses

Date July 12, 2004

2004 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual (effective October 1, 2004)

Abatements and adjustments

Date July 11, 2004

2004 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual (effective October 1, 2004)

Extraordinary health care expenses

Date July 10, 2004

2004 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual (effective October 1, 2004)

Ordinary health care expenses

Date July 9, 2004

2004 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual (effective October 1, 2004)