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Review of David Sarnacki, Top 10% Lawyers of Distinction

Date October 5, 2015

Lawyers of Distinction nominated David Sarnacki of The Sarnacki Law Firm for its Top 10% attorneys in the United States. The organization seeks to promote distinguishing lawyers “in a very crowded and competitive legal landscape.”

To be or not to be: a good legal writer

Date September 1, 2015

Business Insider culls 6 writing tips from Bryan Garner’s interview with Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan.
Jacob Shamsian captures the tips as follows (excerpt):
1. Be a good reader — don’t skim
2. Write so normal people can understand you
3. … But don’t dumb yourself down too much
4. Have fun!
5. Explain your reasoning
6. Get feedback from [...]

The evolving future of marriage

Date April 19, 2015

In case number 14-571 , the U.S. Supreme Court is considering the case of Michigan residents April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse. Arguments are scheduled for April 28th, and a decision is expected by late June.
The briefs submitted to the Supreme Court highlight two issues:
1. Does the Fourteenth Amendment require [...]

How does it feel to be you?

Date April 8, 2015

On Being highlighted Bill Murray’s answer at a 2014 Toronto International Film Festival press conference.
Trent Gillis reports Bill Murray’s remarks as (excerpt):
So, what’s it like to be me? You can ask yourself, “What’s it like to be me?” You know, the only way we’ll ever know what it’s like to be you is if you [...]

Top Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney and Mediator

Date March 31, 2015

David C. Sarnacki, of The Sarnacki Law Firm PLC, has been selected to the 2015 list as a member of the Nation’s Top One Percent by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. NADC is an organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of legal excellence. Its mission is to objectively recognize the attorneys [...]

The true cost of Facebook: your marriage?

Date October 10, 2014

Ozy highlights a Boston University study suggesting Facebook is “a positive, significant predictor of divorce rate and spousal troubles.” Apparently, Henry David Thoreau* was right about true cost: “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”
Anne Miller writes (excerpt):
While previous studies suggested that Facebook and its ilk [...]

Who has the power to change your life?

Date September 15, 2014

CNN celebrated Positive Thinking Day (September 13th) by offering “five expert tips to help you think yourself well.” The point is to take responsibility for your happiness and to do something.
Sara Cheshire included these tips (excerpt):
Be aware of your automatic reactions
Catch and reframe your thoughts
Don’t believe everything your mind tells you
Let go of fear
Find [...]

Who do professionals recommend as one of the best divorce lawyers and divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids?

Date August 18, 2014

Best Lawyers in America announced that once again, David Sarnacki was selected by judges and lawyers as one of The Best Lawyers in America. He was honored in three practice areas relating to divorce litigation and divorce mediation:
1. Collaborative Law: Family Law.
2. Family Law.
3. Family Law Mediation.

Spilling your guts and other concerns when preparing for divorce

Date July 13, 2014

Kim Komando adds 5 things to your To Do List when a divorce is coming, as well as an opening warning to think twice before posting to social media. In the column, Komando has tips regarding passwords, social media profiles, personal information, and the kids.
In her introduction, Kim Komando writes (excerpt):
My father used to [...]

“Imagining Jesus as someone who laughed and who had — God forbid — fun”

Date May 23, 2014

Marquette University’s commencement speaker is well known to Colbert fans–Rev. James Martin, S.J. His remarks–jokes included–can be found at Marquette’s link here.

Considering Cosby: comedy with commentary

Date February 2, 2014

CNN-HLNtv offers us a take on Bill Cosby’s “10 greatest lessons.”
Colette Bennett’s slideshow commentary includes these life lessons (excerpt):
1. Age is in your mind: “Old is always 15 years from now.”
2. Fear is all that’s stopping you: “Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.”
6. How to maintain your integrity: “If [...]

A passion for social justice: Michael Chielens, rest in peace

Date November 7, 2013

MLive notes the passing of “one of those great people,” Michael Chielens, Executive Director of Legal Aid of Western Michigan, who died of cancer this past weekend.
Sue Thoms writes (excerpt):
“He just had a heart for the underdog and wanted to push back against systems that are just closed doors to people,” said Leslie Curry, the [...]

Best Lawyers’ Best Law Firms in Grand Rapids

Date November 1, 2013

The Sarnacki Law Firm PLC has been awarded a Tier 1 Ranking in the 2014 Edition of U.S. News – Best Lawyers’ “Best Law Firms.” The firm’s founder, David C. Sarnacki, practices family law, mediation and collaborative divorce in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has been selected as one of the Best Lawyers in [...]

Overwhelming mistakes: how to deal with common problems in facing divorce

Date August 1, 2013

The Huffington Post includes “The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce.” Contributor Michelle Rozen also posts her tips for making it through your divorce.
Michelle Rozen discusses her top 5 (excerpt):
Making Decisions Without Fully Understanding the Implications
Losing Control of Your Divorce
Acting Out of Anger
Settling for Less Than You Need or Deserve
And last but not [...]

The story behind the facts: How to get someone to talk

Date July 2, 2013

The New York Times Opinionator reminds us that what’s good for writers is good for us all. When you are “seeking the unknown — the story behind the facts,” the secret is is simple.
Lee Gutkind writes (excerpt):
This is the first lesson for writers — or anyone — who conducts interviews: If you want someone [...]

Steps to a Happier Life

Date October 1, 2012

U.S. News offers research on how simple adjustments of habit may translate to greater feelings of fulfillment and well-being.  While strategies were provided for each age demographic, certain practices rang true for all:

Express gratitude
Cultivate optimism
Avoid overthinking and social comparison
Practice acts of kindness
Nurture social relationships
Develop strategies for coping
Learn to forgive
Increase flow experiences, or intense focus on the present [...]

Best Lawyers in America Selection

Date September 19, 2012

David Sarnacki has been selected by attorneys and judges for inclusion in Best Lawyers in America, 19th Edition. His peer-review selection includes three areas: Family Law; Family Law Mediation; and Collaborative Law–Family Law.

Strengthen the Relationship with Your Kids

Date September 7, 2012

With the fall school year approaching, The Huffington Post and Deborah Moskovitch outline tips for adjusting families to improve parent-child relationships.
1. Re-frame your thinking: Rather than clocking minutes, place emphasis on the quality of time you are spending together.
2. Be creative: Invest in the relationship by doing what is in their best interest.  Get involved with their homework, extracurricular [...]

How to improve your relationship: Love starts with empathy

Date July 19, 2012

Real Age and Sharecare explains how reading your partner’s emotions and feeling your partner’s efforts to understand your own emotions relate to happiness in the relationship.
Julie Hanks writes (excerpt):
Listen for emotional messages [the emotional message may be different than the words]
Push the pause button on your own emotions [instead of responding defensively, take a deep [...]

Flirting with an apology

Date January 11, 2012

USA Today’s Ask Stacy reminds us of the three elements of a true apology: “sorry,” responsibility for the choice taken, and promise for the future.
Stacy Kaiser writes (excerpt):
A true apology should consist of three elements: taking responsibility for your mistake, saying you’re sorry and a commitment to never do what hurt that person again. . [...]