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How to fire a client

The ABA Journal includes advice what to do when you have to fire a client, usually for not paying legal fees, leaving out important facts and documents, having unrealistic expectations, or being uncooperative or unethical.

Brian Sullivan writes (excerpt)
1. Give reasonable notice of the end of representation [opportunity to hire alternate counsel; termination letter; reminder of deadlines].

2. Check local requirements regarding the right to withdraw. . . .

3. Surrender all documents or property to which the client is entitled. . . .

4. Refund all fees that have not been earned and expenses that have not been incurred. . . .

5. Take other appropriate action necessary to protect the client’s interests. This might include maintaining confidentiality of the client’s matter, suggesting another qualified attorney to take over the case, keeping copies of documents that have been returned and cooperating with the client’s new legal counsel.

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