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High roads for kid’s sake: you, your divorce, your children

Karen Covy contributes her “Divorced Girl Smiling” top 10 list on taking the high road. Covy runs through ways to (a) make things better or (b) not make things worse, and her list includes (excerpt):
1. Treat your spouse with respect, even if s/he doesn’t deserve it.
2. Freely share information about the kids, without needing to be asked.
3. Switch parenting days and times without making it a big deal.
4. Don’t tell your kids all of the details of your split.
5. Just because you have the upper hand in your divorce, that doesn’t mean you have to play it.
6. Don’t take the bait.
7. Don’t text your spouse 97 times a day.
8. Resist the temptation to lie, cheat, or hide money.
9. When your spouse nickel and dimes you in settlement negotiations, let it go.
10. If you make a mistake, or you screw up, apologize.

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