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Grand Rapids divorce attorney named 2023 Top Rated Litigator and one of Midwest’s Top Rated Lawyers

David C. Sarnacki was selected by Legal Leaders at ALM [, The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal] as a 2023 Top Rated Litigator and one of the Midwest’s Top Rated Lawyers.
Mr. Sarnacki’s practice helps clients transition through separation and divorce, family law, mediation, and collaborative divorce. His practice is built on serving clients with honest advice, creative solutions, and effective advocacy. A past Chair of the Michigan Family Law and Litigation Sections, Mr. Sarnacki is the author of A Visual Refresher Course on Expert Testimony (2020), The Essence of Being in Court: Big Ideas for Going to Court and Representing Yourself (2020), A Visual Refresher Course on Courtroom Persuasion (2021), and The Essence of Writing Persuasive Trial Briefs: Big Ideas for Mastering Mediation, Arbitration & Trial Briefs (2022).

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