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Getting through and to the same place: Collaborative process lessens stress of divorce

Dallas-Fort Worth’s CBS 11 News investigated how Collaborative Divorce helps lower the stress on divorcing couples.

Tracy Kornet reported (excerpt):
During this process, the husband, wife and their attorneys work together — in private — to find a way to meet each individual’s needs.

“The process is so structured,” Denton explained. “It allows folks to get through and get to the same place so they can make decisions together. It provides an environment where everyone is really motivated to be on their best behavior at a time when it’s sometimes hard to be on your best behavior because you’re so emotional.”
Denton said choice is one of the key advantages to the collaborative process. The couple has much more control in their family’s fate and their finances — as opposed to involving the courts.

A typical collaborative case might take four months to settle where a family could spent up to 17 months in the court system.

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