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Fun Halloween Facts

Over 10% of all pet owners dress their pets in a Halloween costume and the number increases each year.

A pumpkin is a fruit

October 2002, at a pumpkin festival in Massachusetts, the heaviest pumpkin in the world tipped the scales at a mighty 1337.6 pounds.

The first jack o’lantern was made out of a turnip.

82 percent of children take part in Halloween festivities, along with a surprising 67 percent of adults, who also join in the fun.

U.S. consumers spend as much as $1.93 billion on candy for Halloween, making it the sweetest holiday of the year. Add to that $1.5 billion spent on costumes each year, and more than $2.5billion on other Halloween papaphernalia, such as decorations and crafts. Halloween is second only to Christmas in spending.

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  1. Don

    Interesting facts indeed:

    costume party for animals —

    Healthier Halloween treats —
    (does she think anyone actually eats her stuff? not to mention the health/safety risks of giving out something that isn’t individually packaged)

    And haunted houses (the one in Niles Michigan is the best I have ever been to by the way):

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