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Forgetting your spouse and falling in love with someone else

USA Today showed the power of love through the eyes of retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Joan Biskupic writes (excerpt):
“Mom was thrilled that Dad was relaxed and happy and comfortable living here and wasn’t complaining,” Scott [O’Connor] . . . .
Scott compared his father to “a teenager in love” and said, “For Mom to visit when he’s happy … visiting with his girlfriend, sitting on the porch swing holding hands,” was a relief after a painful period.

105 thoughts on “Forgetting your spouse and falling in love with someone else

  1. susan

    There are lots of blame here that ” How can you fall in love with someone else other than your spouse?” And some said it is a sin to do this.
    Well, these people probably have never loved before.
    It is not a choice to fall in love. It is a sudden or gradual feeling that can grab your heart all of sudden.
    It is certainly a choice what to do with it. It is painful to forget love and let go.
    Please offer more sympathy to this person than the husband. Because the suffering is severe and she has to work on it and bear the pain.

  2. NAOMI

    I really don’t know what to do cause I know God made Adam and Eve but I’ve in too many relationship with men and all fell apart. So I became bisexual and now Im with a girl that I knew of her for several of years and just started dating in December of 2013 but she told me that she married waiting for her husband to get out of jail but she tells me she loves me but not in love with me. I’m in love with her and I feel more comfortable around her and every time I kiss her I can feel a great vibe or sparks form her… But I still don’t know what to do cause she stills writes to him but lately haven’t wrote him yet. I’m confuse, lost and my heart telling me to stay with her but my thoughts and mind is telling me to leave and let her wait for her husband….confused badly…

  3. Been There

    Diane- you have a lovely holier than thou attitude, lack of empathy, and come off very un- Christlike. These relationships are filled with much soul searching, guilt, as well as agony. Please go to Billy Graham’s website or another well respected Christan great that you feel you can find an answer from thru scriptures and teaching and seek God to melt your heart. Mr. Graham speaks of the fact that you need to search YOUR heart and see what you may have not contributed to this affair- were you cold as you sound, unloving, jealous, not having sex, complaining, not there for him emotionally? My husband was not- it was not planned-as most are not- they are for emotional needy people at the time and they both are vulnerable. Your anger clouds your research. Billy says- God forgives the big and little sin and there is repentance- my husband is a Chistian- he did. Are you that strong of a Christian? Your anger won’t bring him back- just make him think he did the right thing.

  4. Anonymous

    How dare any of you justify your selfish deeds with love. Im the daughter of a cheater just like you and she ruined my family life. Shes the reason why I cant trust anyone. Shes the reason I’m an aromantic. She ruined the life of a man who looked at her like a sunflower. I loved and respected her so much but she trashed that with one sentence. I hope you guys love your new man more than your child you dirty cheaters.

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