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For more information on Social Security & retirement (divorce or not)

The Social Security Administration presents answers to your questions about Social Security and retirement.

In addition, Nolo has information on Social Security and retirement, including:
Retirement Plans
Enjoying Retirement
Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap and Managed Care
Long-Term Care
Wills & Estate Planning
Power of Attorney

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One thought on “For more information on Social Security & retirement (divorce or not)

  1. Jan

    My ex was living with me the day the divorce papers arrived. He had no other legal residence for close to a year later. On paper our marriage was 9yr.7mo. However, he continued to live with me, we took trips together, went to community functions together for at least another 8-9 months. We had the same last name and had sexual relations all that time. Can I draw his social security at 62?

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