Domestic Diversions

Eva Longoria, Tony Parker and the difference between emotional and physical cheating gives us Damarys Ocana’s interview of Donna Estes Antebi, author of The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper, and some insight into the emotional affair (excerpt):
Physical cheating is unquestionably a bigger deal, but the other is a big deal, too, because it so often leads to physical cheating and it is still a betrayal, the violation of a commitment. . . .

Men cheat with people they know and it’s not uncommon at all for them to cheat with their wife’s best friend, their interior decorator, or their real estate agent. Wives are vulnerable to any women who have access to their husbands. I have something I call the no-access equation: Access + Friendship x Flirtation = Trouble. It all starts with access. Most men don’t wake up and think, “Oh, I want to cheat.” It all begins with access.

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