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Essentially human: an answer to the question, “am I normal?”

Psychology Today explains how not being “normal” is normal, and perhaps what makes you most special!

Kathleen McGowan writes (excerpt):
In probing the common standards of normality, Wood has made a surprising discovery: Being normal is actually extraordinary. It’s an unusual combination of specific traits that all have to do with being extra likable. The people who see themselves as most normal (and are seen that way by others) are much less neurotic than the average person, uncommonly easy to get along with, unusually respectful of propriety, and highly responsible.

Normal people may be nicer than average, but they also have character traits that aren’t universally appealing. They’re not adventurous. They’re not above average in intelligence, nor are they outgoing. Truth be told, a lot of our best qualities are unusual. A sense for music like Mozart’s is certainly exceptional. So is the ability to speak six languages, or the courage to leap onto the subway tracks to save a stranger’s life.

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