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Divorced parents learning to get along

The Grand Forks Herald reveals the appeal of divorce mediation.

Janell Cole writes (excerpt):
“Mediation can be successful because its focus is on the strengths each person has as a parent and on the joint goals and aspirations parents have for their children,” state Court Administrator Sally Holewa told a legislative committee June 24.
In mediation, one of the goals is for parents to be taught how to resolve future disputes, Holewa said.

2 thoughts on “Divorced parents learning to get along

  1. Ginny

    I am not adding comment, but asking for advice or recommendation. I have been divorced for just about 4 years. My ex-husband is a PhD in Psychology and that explains a lot! We do not often agree on what is best for the kids and I need a mediator to help me battle his ego and maybe teach me a few things on how to communicate with him when it comes to the kids.

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