Domestic Diversions

Déjà “I do”

USA Today explains the challenge facing second-time-around couples.

Olivia Barker writes (excerpt):
The quandary couples face is “how to balance telling people, ‘Oh, please come again, please come to our wedding,’ with, ‘We know you just came to one, but this time we mean it,’ ” says Susan Polyot, the editor and publisher of the online magazine Encore Bride. (Polyot, who’s also a therapist, is on her third curtain call.)
A National Center for Health Statistics study in 2002 found that 54% of divorced women ages 15-44 are likely to remarry within five years; after 10 years, the probability jumps to 75%. So [author Pamela Hill] Nettleton understands why second-time guests might feel less than thrilled to get yet another card-stock rectangle, however elegantly embossed.

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