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Create a happy, healthy marriage: 9 tips

CNN and Health Magazine show how making some effort leads to making your marriage last.

Kate Stinchfield explains 9 ways to a happy, healthy marriage (excerpt):
1. Watch your waistline
2. Have a financial plan
3. Figure out your family rules
4. Make sex a priority — but not a chore
5. Be flexible
6. Stay active as you age
7. Gab (a little) to your friend
8. Rediscover each other as a couple, sans kids
9. Be a conscious caregiver

2 thoughts on “Create a happy, healthy marriage: 9 tips

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  2. FruitfulVine2

    Interesting list. The first one caught me off guard. I don’t often see references to body when it comes to creating healthy marriages. Good list.

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