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Bringing more energy

ABCnews’ Working Wounded unties tongues with tips for giving speeches.

Bob Rosner writes (excerpt):
Do you do your homework on the group and the setting? The more you find out about the audience the more confident you should be that you’ll have something to offer them. . . . Also try to visit the venue before your presentation. . . .

Do you write out the speech before you try to give it? . . . [Y]ou should know that you’ve got the beginning, middle and ending nailed before you get in front of a microphone.

Do you visualize yourself being successful? . . . [V]isualize a successful speech. See the happy faces, hear the applause . . . .

Do you pause during your speech? . . . There is nothing more relaxing than taking your time and remembering to breathe during your talk. Also remember to pause during the speech, it gives you a chance to collect your thoughts and it gives the audience a chance to think about what you’re saying.

Can you redefine your fear as excitement? . . . [T]ry to use this nervousness to bring more energy to each audience.

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