Domestic Diversions

Am I prepared

Asset Management
Do I have a clear picture of where my assets are located?
Will my retirement assets provide a comfortable and secure retirement for my life expectancy?
Do I have a well-diversified portfolio?
Are my investments appropriate in today’s economy?
Do I have an emergency fund?
Am I taking advantage of techniques to reduce my taxes?

Estate Planning
Do I have a will?
Is my will current?
Have I determined what I will owe in estate taxes?
Have I funded my estate tax liability?
Do I wish to provide for charitable giving?
Is my power of attorney and living will up to date?

Debt Management
Do I know my credit rating?
Could I get a loan if I applied?

Medical/Insurance Planning
Do I have enough insurance coverage to:

Cover medical expenses?
Provide for disability/long term care?
Provide for family members’ security?
Fund estate tax liability?

Have I coordinated my advisors’ (attorney, CPA, Banker) activities?
Would I be prepared for a family emergency if it happened tomorrow?

It will be time well spent if you review this list, determine what you have already done, and focus on the issues that specifically affect you and your family.

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