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Always remembering the human beings behind the case number

The Grand Rapids Press notes the passing of Judge Woodrow Alexander Yared (excerpt):
“He exemplified what our legal system should be. If you were a winner or a loser in his court, you felt you had your day in court,” said attorney James Brady, who is related to Judge Yared by marriage.
“What struck me is that he never forgot that every case had an impact on real people. He was attuned to victims, long before we had statutes saying we’re supposed to be. He never lost sight of what is easy to lose sight of,” recalled Circuit Judge Dennis Kolenda, who appeared before Judge Yared as a defense lawyer.
“He was always positive, very fair and compassionate,” said Chief Circuit Judge Paul Sullivan.

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One thought on “Always remembering the human beings behind the case number

  1. Don

    He was the first judge I ever saw on the bench. I was in high school and he took the time after a case to explain both what he did and WHY he did it.

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