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2003 mediation honors

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently honored its 2003 volunteer mediators in family law cases. In the court’s press release, Court of Appeals Chief Judge William Whitbeck explained, “We could not offer this service without the good offices of these volunteers. Thanks to them, one in three cases in this program settle, with savings of time, money, and emotional wear and tear for the parties.”

Judge Michael J. Talbot, Chair of the Court of Appeals Settlement Committee, said, “Our goal is to have 95 percent of all cases disposed of within 18 months. Accordingly, in the settlement program, we do not suspend filing or other deadlines.”

The twenty-six attorneys from Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Marquette, Okemos, St. Joseph and Traverse City included:

Bruce A. Barnhart, Grand Rapids
Roger W. Boer, Grand Rapids
Jennie Boldish Bryan, Grand Rapids
Jayne A. Dykema, Grand Rapids
Anthony P. Gauthier, Grand Rapids
Mary L. Koewers, Grand Rapids
Norman K. Kravitz, Grand Rapids
Diann J. Landers, Grand Rapids
Donna E. Mobilia, Grand Rapids
Robert B. Relph, Grand Rapids
Richard A. Roane, Grand Rapids
David C. Sarnacki, Grand Rapids
Richard M. Spruit, Grand Rapids
Ann M. Stuursma, Grand Rapids
Connie R. Thacker, Grand Rapids
Diane J. Wechter, Grand Rapids
James W. Zerrenner, Grand Rapids
Robert J. Barnard, Jr., Kalamazoo
W. Jack Keiser, Kalamazoo
Janice K. Cunningham, Lansing
Keldon K. Scott, Lansing
Karl P. Numinen, Marquette
Meri Anne Stowe, Okemos
Deborah L. Berecz, St. Joseph
Robert B. Guyot, III, Traverse City
Charles B. Judson, Traverse City

The forty-six attorneys from Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, Macomb, Midland, Oakland, St. Clair, Washtenaw and Wayne counties, and one from Florida, included:

Veronique M. Liem (Ann Arbor)
Diana Raimi (Ann Arbor)
Monika U. Holzer Sacks (Ann Arbor)
Harvey I. Hauer (Bingham Farms)
Barry L. Howard (Bingham Farms)
Sheldon G. Larky (Bingham Farms)
Mark A. Bank (Birmingham)
James P. Cunningham (Birmingham)
John F. Schaefer (Birmingham)
Denise R. Alexander (Bloomfield Hills)
Evanne L. Dietz (Bloomfield Hills)
Edward D. Gold (Bloomfield Hills)
Ronald Graham (Bloomfield Hills)
Albert L. Holtz (Bloomfield Hills)
David W. Potts (Bloomfield Hills)
Evelyn L. Redmond (Bloomfield Hills)
Carol A. Barringer (Brighton)
Robert K. McKenzie (Brighton)
Richard M. Trost (Brighton)
Felice V. Iafrate (Clinton Township)
Max D. McCullough (Clinton Township)
Zenell B. Brown (Detroit)
Margaret M. Tobin (Detroit)
John R. Urso (Detroit)
Susan E. Paletz (Farmington)
Nina Dodge Abrams (Farmington Hills)
Joseph E. Baessler (Flint)
Scott G. Bassett (Bradenton, Florida)
Katherine L. Barnhart (Grosse Pointe)
Ann M. Tobin-Levigne (Grosse Pointe Woods)
Peter L. Conway (Lapeer)
Joseph R. Novosel (Marysville)
Charlotte L. Allen (Midland)
Carl E. Chioini (Mount Clemens)
Daniel T. Stepek (Mount Clemens)
Marc Sherbow (Pontiac)
Sharon Parrish (Port Huron)
Keith D. Zick (Port Huron)
Elizabeth McKenna (Plymouth)
James P. Ryan (Plymouth)
William M. Brukoff (Southfield)
Laura E. Eisenberg (Southfield)
Amy M. Spillman (Southfield)
Jessica R. Woll (Southfield)
Sandor M. Gelman (Troy)
Kathleen G. Galen (Warren)
Paul A. Longton (Wyandotte)

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