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Writing “longer, easier to understand — and grumpier” court decisions

Date May 5, 2015

The New York Times notes three trends in U.S. Supreme Court opinions (length, clarity, tone) and references Brown v. Board of Education’s 4,000 words with Citizens United’s 48,000 words. The article discusses a linguistic software study scheduled for publication in the Washington University Law Review (computer scientists Daniel Rockmore and Keith Carlson, and law [...]

Spilling your guts and other concerns when preparing for divorce

Date July 13, 2014

Kim Komando adds 5 things to your To Do List when a divorce is coming, as well as an opening warning to think twice before posting to social media. In the column, Komando has tips regarding passwords, social media profiles, personal information, and the kids.
In her introduction, Kim Komando writes (excerpt):
My father used to [...]

Beware the technological traps looming in your divorce landscape

Date December 27, 2012

The Huffington Post offers us a Top 10 tips list for traversing the intersection of technology and divorce.
Deborah S. Chames writes her top ten list (excerpt):
10. Beware of the iCloud. . . .
9. What’s in your browser history? . . . .
8. The iPad you left at home may still be connected to your iPhone. [...]

Remote communication: documenting in the hopes of better parental relations

Date November 26, 2012

The New York Times plugs into the use of technology to avoid, mitigate or address communication problems between separated and divorced parents.
Pamela Paul writes (excerpt):
Let’s just say that no matter how well ex-spouses and still-parents coordinate, there’s a good chance of teary phone calls, angry exchanges during drop-off, and all-out fights about who’s not saving [...]

The price of staying connected to technology

Date April 17, 2012

The ABA General Practice-Solo Section shows what might happen when you disconnect from technology–you might just think!
Steve Andersen writes (excerpt):
But are we forgetting what it’s like to take our time and to think, process, and create? To do one thing at a time? To do it well? And to actually enjoy it? Studies show that [...]

Apple screenshots: Losing privacy with iPhone

Date December 23, 2009

ABA Journal.com tells us why one law firm switched to BlackBerrys: security issues and iPhone screenshots of your data.
Debra Cassens Weiss writes (excerpt):
Apple says its iPhone 3GS has hardware encryption, but it is still possible to gain access, they write, citing the work of data forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski. He found a way to “jailbreak” [...]

Cheap but capable laser printer for your desktop

Date November 20, 2005

I remember when a $200 laser printer was considered an extraordinary bargain. Today, there are lasers that occasionally sell for $150, even $100 after rebates. We have now reached a new low in laser printer prices. How about $49.99! Yes, that is the final price after mail-in rebates for the very capable Samsung ML-2010 laser [...]

“Send this to everyone you care about”

Date July 16, 2005

The New York Times highlights an Illinois graduate student’s explanation for electronic chain letters.
Dan Mitchell writes (excerpt):
[Benjamin Gross] “says forwarding e-mails plays a vital role in constructing and maintaining modern social ties, despite the phenomenon receiving scant attention from social scientists.”
But, Mr. Gross writes in a paper he plans to release this month, if e-mail [...]

Wi-Fi on the Road

Date May 17, 2005

Many hotels now offer free wireless Internet access. The Hilton hotel chain, which includes the value-priced Hampton Inn group, generally offers free in-room Wi-Fi. However, some chains offer only wired high speed Internet in guest rooms. That means your laptop is tethered to the desk where the network jack is located, or [...]

New Tech Products of Interest to Lawyers

Date May 11, 2005

Here are a half dozen new technology products of interest to lawyers (and geeks in general).

Free Remote Access to Your PC

Date April 22, 2005

I’ve been testing a free remote access service called LogMeIn. Remote access services are indispensible to a busy family law attorney who wants to avoid rushing back to the office at night or on a weekend to check office email, prepare a short document, run a child support calculation, record billable time, check a [...]

Snooping around

Date April 14, 2005

USA Today repeats the warnings about everyday spies, threats to privacy and unintended consequences.
Janet Kornblum writes (excerpt):
A Florida state appeals court judge, for example, ruled in February that spy software that a wife had installed on her husband’s computer was illegal.
Other cases in the headlines involve a Colorado Springs man who was arrested in February [...]

Search and You Will Find

Date December 1, 2004

Two new search utilities help you find what’s missing on your computer’s hard drive. Computer hard drives have become so large in recent years that finding a misplaced file, email message, or document can be next to impossible – unless you have the right tool. Two new and free utilities help you find [...]

Phishing – Don’t Get Caught!

Date December 1, 2004

Phishing attacks use ’spoofed’ e-mails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames and passwords, social security numbers, etc.

How law office dictation has changed

Date October 11, 2004

Technology has changed the way we practice law, but not necessarily the end product of our efforts. We still spend most of our time producing a paper product for consumption by our clients, the courts, and others. But how we produce that product has undergone a revolution in the last 50 years. [...]

Five Top Tech Tools for Lawyers

Date August 9, 2004

Here are five gadgets, software, or services that can make your practice, and your life, easier. They are affordable and easy to use, even for a tech neophyte.


Date July 15, 2004

trends in spamming and hacking

60 Sites in 60 Minutes

Date April 28, 2004

60 Sites in 60 Minutes

Remove Dangerous Metadata

Date January 12, 2004

Microsoft Word documents contain potentially embarrassing and dangerous hidden bits of information that could, in extreme cases, lose cases and ruin careers.

No Excuse for Low-Tech Lawyers

Date December 5, 2003

Stop making excuses and do yourself and your staff a huge favor by upgrading (or implementing for the first time) your law office technology.