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TRL reviews of The Sarnacki Law Firm PLC

Top Rated Local shows reviews of The Sarnacki Law Firm PLC:

Jennifer C. 1 review 05/28/2020 Verified
Great to work with. Help me through the worst time ever!

Patrick S. 1 review 04/08/2020 Verified
This firm was totally on top of my situation and handled my case in a timely, effective and efficient manner. It was an unfortunate time for me but the end result was far better than I could have imagined under the circumstances. I attribute the final positive outcome to the high level of competence and professionalism of the firm. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Nicole S. 1 review 01/02/2020 Verified
Overall satisfied.

C B. 1 review 09/30/2019 Verified
Knowledgeable, easy to work with, guided me through a difficult time. That being said, divorce is EXPENSIVE and attorneys are EXPENSIVE. I highly recommend that you and your spouse 1. Reconcile or 2. figure out a mutually agreeable settlement and then have the Sarnacki law team draw it up. If you must go the route of an attorney I would highly recommend.

David F. 1 review 08/14/2019 Verified
Divorce mediation went smoothly. I only wish I had been asked to give a smaller support amount (based on ex-spouse’s potential income versus historical income from her home-based business). I didn’t push the issue during mediation and my lawyer felt our settlement was fair/equitable

John G. 1 review 07/02/2019 Verified
Dave and Tammy helped me throughout a very difficult and contested divorce. I always felt they had my best interests in mind – and they weren’t afraid to “fight” for my side of the story. They were very responsive, and appeared to genuinely care about my well-being and how i was doing throughout the process. Definitely recommend them.

Michael M. 1 review 06/18/2019 Verified
Excellent Service!!

Brian D. 1 review 06/11/2019 Verified
David Sarnacki helped us through a difficult time and always provided clear guidance and advice that helped make the difficult decisions that proved to be the best course.

Mary D. 1 review 06/04/2019 Verified
Dave Sarnacki is smart, honest, efficient, thoughtful and always has my best interests in mind. His office is well-run, and I give the firm my highest recommendation.

Chris C. 1 review 05/07/2019 Verified
I can’t recommend Dave and Tammy enough. They made a very contentious situation manageable with their clam approach. Every circumstance is unique, however, they were very realistic about what should be achievable, while protecting my core interests. Thank you Dave, and Tammy!

Heather B. 1 review 04/26/2019 Verified
David and Tammy are exceptional in what they do. I am so grateful to have been represented by a team that is ethical and honest as I witnessed first hand not all representation practices with the same dignity. It’s obvious they’re a well respected team, and rightfully so. They ministered to my family in the most uncertain time of our life, and I will always be grateful to them. They are honest, thorough, responsive, and invest incredible time and effort into finding resolutions that are fair and just. I would (and do) very highly recommend them. If you are looking for the best representation, Sarnacki Law Firm is it.

Patricia H. 1 review 04/23/2019 Verified
I felt that I had sound guidance, expertise and genuine concern from Attorney Sarnacki and Ms. Miller. I have since recommended this firm to others, which for me indicates very high satisfaction and confidence in the services and the personnel.

Suzanne R. 1 review 04/11/2019 Verified
I was treated with respect. David& Tammy always had everything done on time and I knew I would never be embarrassed in front of the judge. Getting a divorce after 43 years of marriage was a horrible experience but I always knew they had my best interests in mind. I couldn’t have picked a better attorney. I know attorneys get a bad rap but I will never have anything but good to say about this office..

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