Domestic Diversions

Soulmate material: prioritizing friendship over fireworks [and reducing the divorce prospects]

CNN Health sheds some light on why divorce rates are trending down, including changes during Covid and
selecting partners for long-term stability and satisfaction rather than short-term attraction.

Madeline Holcombe writes (excerpt):
“In my practice over the last decade, I’ve noticed a gradual shift from the ‘romantic marriage’ to the ‘companionate marriage’ . . . .” Kerner said via email.
. . . .
“At its bare minimum, the concept of commitment implies the experience of being bonded with another. At its very best, it means being bonded with someone who is a consistent safe and secure home base that will be there for you in the face of any adversities,” said Dr. Monica O’Neal, a Boston psychologist, in a recent CNN article.

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