Domestic Diversions

Snooping around

USA Today repeats the warnings about everyday spies, threats to privacy and unintended consequences.

Janet Kornblum writes (excerpt):
A Florida state appeals court judge, for example, ruled in February that spy software that a wife had installed on her husband’s computer was illegal.

Other cases in the headlines involve a Colorado Springs man who was arrested in February after he was accused of planting a GPS device in his wife’s car to track her. . . .
“There are two dangers to being an amateur snoop,” says futurist Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future in Menlo Park, Calif. “The first is, you’ll find out something that you really would have been much happier not knowing. The second is, what happens when the subject finds out that you have been snooping?

“My advice is: Think twice before you do it. You may really regret it.”

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