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Should I stay or should I go now: leaving my cheating partner or saving my marriage

CNN and LifeWire use the John Edwards confession-Elizabeth Edwards acceptance to look at what to do when your spouse has an affair or your spouse is in love with someone else and how to know whether to and how to save your marriage.

Sarah Jio writes (excerpt):
The key questions, she says, are: “Did you love each other before, and do you love each other now?” If the answers to both are yes, it’s worth reconciling for. It’s tough, she admits, but “I’ve seen people do this all the time.”

A sign that a relationship is doomed? When you realize that your goal is to punish your spouse for their infidelity, says Schwartz, or when the cheating partner refuses to change.

“If it’s a dead marriage, where you both barely even like each other, it may be fate’s way of telling you to give up,” she adds.

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