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No marriage left behind? Exposing the marriage myths

Common Ground sheds light on four myths about marriage.

Claire Maisonneuve writes (excerpt):

Myth #1: Resolving your conflicts is the key to a happy marriage.

[The key is that partners need to feel like they are accepted for who they are and have a fundamental sense of fondness and admiration for each other.]

Myth #2: Problems of sexual desire or other sexual difficulties means there is something wrong with your marriage or that you’re falling out of love.

[A solution that’s an emotional stretch for you and your partner is often the best solution to your problem.]

Myth #3: Affairs are the major cause of divorce.

[When a marriage is in trouble or en route to divorce, it makes people vulnerable and causes them to look for intimate connections outside of the marriage. People look to others for what they feel they are not getting in their own marriage, including understanding, attention, caring and support.]

Myth #4: Children will solidify your marriage.

[Rather, it has to do with whether or not the husband experiences and participates in this transformation to parenthood along with his wife – or he gets left behind.]

One thought on “No marriage left behind? Exposing the marriage myths

  1. Jamie Mulfinger

    Is this an excerpt from a book? Where are the arguments for these assertions?

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