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New Book Available: A Visual Refresher Course on Expert Testimony

A Visual Refresher Course on Expert Testimony is the book you will actually use. Expert testimony puzzles even seasoned attorneys and experienced judges. This Visual Refresher Course simplifies understanding with a practical approach to mapping the expert’s argument and assessing opinions against the controlling legal principles. Get straight into the elements and analysis of expert testimony, from a practical perspective.

Advance Reviews included:
JOSEPH R. WALL, Circuit Court Judge, Milwaukee County, WI: “[This] Refresher . . . adds a measure of practicality to what can often be a difficult and frustrating step forward . . . .”
ELLEN M. RYAN, Former Administrative Law Judge, Illinois Department of Public Aid, Chicago, IL: “What I wouldn’t have given to have something like this out of law school!”
JOHN W. VAUDREUIL, Former United States Attorney, University of Wisconsin Adjunct Evidence Professor, and International Trial Advocacy Instructor, Madison, WI: “Dave’s unique and refreshing visual approach . . . will be an excellent resource for both new and experienced attorneys at every step . . . .”
JAMES C. RATZEL, Ratzel Pytlik & Pezze, LLC, Brookfield, WI: “[T]his guide is the remarkable next step in litigation practice.”
MARY MCCAFFERTY DOUGLASS, Award-Winning Educator and Former Trial Attorney, Marshall, MI: “[Dave] captured the complexity of expert testimony and simplified it in an extraordinary way.”
JAMES S. BRADY, Of Counsel at Rizzo Day PC, Former United States Attorney, and Former Member of both Dykema Gossett PLLC and of Miller, Johnson, Snell & Cummiskey, PLC, Grand Rapids, MI: “Having this practical and easily understood guide to trial practice in your library is a must.”
CHIP CHAMBERLAIN, Willey & Chamberlain LLP, Grand Rapids, MI: “Dave’s detailed outline of what you need to know is an excellent contribution that makes trial preparation . . . easier.”
PAUL J. DENENFELD, Circuit Court Judge, Kent County, MI: “[Dave] strives to provide other lawyers with an understanding of the law and how to use it effectively. This book fits the bill beautifully.”

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