Domestic Diversions

Negotiating with your spouse: children, money problems, differences in sexual desire, and a happy marriage

The Jamaica Gleaner helps set the stage for relationship negotiations with advice from counselor Omar Thomas.

Paul Messam lists Thomas’ seven “routes” to an exciting marriage (excerpt):
Ensure that you want your marriage to work. This is key.
Put yourself in the partner’s shoe. Try to image what it is like to be him or her.
Respect yourself and your spouse, regardless of differences. Deal with the here and now.
Be willing to accept a workable compromise in the negotiation.
Learn to listen and listen to learn. Couples must practise listening for a week. Listen with an open mind.
Level with your partner. Own your own feelings and tackle one issue at a time at the right time and place.
Negotiate as rational human beings. Each partner has something positive, worthwhile to contribute to the relationship.

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